My name is Sethtorn Zargallows and as the title states, I am a Producer Promoter Progressive Artist Musician Composer Writer. I have done quite a variety of different projects throughout the years and have succeeded in so few though the projects I have accomplished have been very beneficial and rewarding, I have very little to show. 

My company Owtawck Entertainment fits in as a management company who provides me the setting stone and foundation, a company that would promote me exclusively as well as a select few without interruption, it’s my personal touch to entertainment variety. Owtawck has also been around sense the early 1990’s and as the Owner and CEO of Owtawck Entertainment, I started Owtawck to officially make everything business wise legit, as well as my expression of direction and stability without definition, a place where I could reconvene, my home base of show and tell, a place to begin again.

Though Owtawck is exclusive it’s also designed for my individual partners in association with my projects in all my categories. Like I said earlier it’s a display of my showmanship by telling all who is willing to watch and listen whether it be of myself or like-minded friends along the way. I encourage eccentric eclectic and unusual.

I am but a humble servant in a world of opportunity and extravaganza.

So Be It - Let the Show Begin